Our people


Alex is considered one of the most influential professionals in the Hungarian property industry.  As chief executive of City-lets Ltd, he took the company from its start-up in 2006 to, now, being one of Hungary's most successful, reliable and dominant property management firms.

His reasons for starting the firm were simple, “We set out with the goal of our management being years ahead of any other independent property company, and have achieved this. We are constantly evolving and, amongst other related necessities, remain highly focussed on marketing. This, then, enables City-lets’ property management team to devote all of their efforts and expertise in achieving the necessary optimum and secure results for their clients, rather than being distracted from those prime responsibilities. Such distractions can be caused by the other business ‘highs and lows’ can occur from time-to-time, subject to varying, and general, market conditions.

Alex brings to the table a great knowledge of the Budapest’s large, rental market, area. He specializes in the high-end, downtown, city properties and knows what it takes to securely lease them. He understands the general psyche and needs of both local and expat tenants, and will always go that extra distance, as necessary, to ensure that City-lets’ professional management standards are always applied to achieve the best results for all clients. Also, being a property owner and investor himself, he fully understands and possesses the professional expertise required in achieving those pre-mentioned benefits for all clients.

When Alex isn’t working, he relaxes by cooking and wine tasting, and has a keen interest in Kettlebell training and boxing.

Alex Markus

Email: alexm@city-lets.hu
Mobil: +36 30 518 6565


Friendly, warm and respectful, Alexandra is a highly valued member of the team here at Citylets taking care of property management and marketing.
Sandra joined Citylets with over a decade of prior property industry experience. She takes pride in being aware of the current market trends, so she can best serve and advise owners and tenants alike, with both local and international backgrounds.  Sandra is highly proactive and diligent. Respected for her honesty and kindness, she appreciates the opportunity to help people find their perfect home, whilst providing five star customer service to our landlords.
Sandra is also active in her local community and has passion for performing and teaching creative dance, yoga and spending time with her family which also includes a pet Alsacian and cat!

Rajnai Alexandra

Email: sandrar@city-lets.hu
Mobil: +36 20 592 7716


Ella  stands for delivering excellence in results for both landlord and tenant clients.

Having an excellent knowledge of the local rental property market, this allows her to provide  a  strong advantage and support to all landlord clients when they engage City-lets to lease  their property asset.  Then, combining that knowledge with her related business experience, plus access to City-lets’ extensive tenant customer data base and its highly established and respected business reputation, the results speak for themselves.  Further, Ella  always provides tenants with the reliable assistance required in establishing a secure lease agreement, along with on-going support that, in some cases may be required and even, at times, can exceed their expectations.

Ella Demeter

Email: ellad@city-lets.hu
Mobil: +36 20 327 9010


Recognised for her confidence, tenacity and friendly manner, Emilia Banati is an accounts’ manager who knows how to get things done, and to provide an exceptional level of service to both property owners and tenants.

All aspects of the role appeal to Emi but, above all, she thrives in a business team environment, being punctual and taking pride in meeting client needs and expectations. It is the combination of Emi’s high attention to detail and broad finance experience which sets her ahead of others, especially when that’s all coupled with the personal enthusiasm and energy she adds to her craft.

Emi’s diverse working-life background has shaped her into a focused professional who is able to deliver excellent results. She has an extensive banking experience, having worked for over 15 years for some of Hungary’s largest financial/banking institutions. Outside of work, amongst other things, she enjoys relaxing with her family and her two cats.

Emilia Banati

Email: emilia.banati@kh.hu


Dedicated, professional and highly organised, Kata  has a reputation for offering expert service in property management.

Typical of her commitment to all clients and their investments, Kata says ‘My role is more than just managing properties,  it’s about building relationships and trust, which is my basic, central, approach’.

Kata’s aim is to primarily focus on  City-Lets’ client investments as if they were her own, right down to the smallest, necessary, detail.

Her ‘no nonsense’ approach, dedication, and professional quality service, gives  our clients peace of mind and the knowledge that their investment is secure.

Katalin Tóth

Email: katat@city-lets.hu
Mobil: +36 20 592 6911


Zsofi Tarnai

Email: zsofit@city-lets.hu
Mobil: +36 20 592 7716