Understanding and identifying the property that's right for you

Once you’ve established your budget and are ready to buy, your Citylets Kft Buyer’s Agent will work with you to develop a clear picture of the home or investment property you’re searching for.

The success of every property search and eventual purchase depends on the quality of this initial briefing consultation. To understand exactly what you want, we go through every detail up-front to detail and record the essential and important characteristics of a property.

This process can be enormously important for you because, based on our long-term market valuation experience. we’ll advise you on how it aligns with your budget expectations and what the best options remain available. This will, amongst many other considerations, help you identify the order of your investment’s financial priorities plus better achieving your ‘must-haves’.

Engaging Citylets Kft as your Buyer’s Agent means that you get professionally based advice and support in identifying the best type and location of the property that will best meet your budget and needs, whether it ‘s in Budapest, or elsewhere in Hungary.